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Diagnostic Imaging: An Interview with Vivianne Freitas, MD

February 12, 2024, Jeff Hall, Diagnostic Imaging

"Recent pilot study results from the use of low-dose positron emission mammography (PEM) revealed a 96 percent detection rate for malignant breast lesions as well as an 87.1 percent sensitivity rate and a 94.7 percent specificity rate. The researchers also found that PEM was effective regardless of breast density and had a lower percentage of false positives than breast MRI, according to the study, which was recently published in Radiology: Imaging Cancer.

In a recent interview, lead study author Vivianne Freitas, M.D., who is affiliated with the Joint Department of Medical Imaging with the University Health Network and the Sinai Health System at the Women’s College Hospital at the University of Toronto in Canada, shared her thoughts about the study findings and the future potential of PEM..."


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